• Application for mobile trading
  • Use on tablet or phone
  • Loading data from server
  • Loading clients and locations
  • Making orders offline and online
  • Sending orders to server
  • Sending orders by email
  • Load, save and view promotion content

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Main screen of xCart
Before using xCart application, you have to register on site xCart and login! After registration you will receive token (registration code) from the server.
Select Options->System->Login

For user name demo, password is demo, token is 123456

User login after registration
Fill in user name and token.
Device needs Internet connection!

Loading data from server
After successful login, application will receive data from this site:

  • Products (goods)
  • Clients (customers)
  • Locations (shops)
  • Promotions (promo pages)

Configure your application
Fill in the name of your company and other data
Select language

Select order location
After that press Orders icon and select an order from the list

You can add products in the order

  • Fill in one portion of product name and press Find
  • Select product from the list of groups

There are two options at the bottom of this page: List (change selected order) and Define (define orders header)

Define an order
Every order has location, client and date of creation
At this point you can save headers of your orders

Product search
After you have pressed Find, you can select a product from the list

After selecting product from the list, you can write quantity for the order.
Quantity can be changed by clicking on the value in the column Qnt.

View order as pdf document
When you finish an order you can view it as PDF document and send by email.
Android devices usually have installed pdf viewer application
which is necessary to use this option!

List of promotions
Promotion is content from web site www.lumens.rs/xcart
When you are connected, promotions can be loaded and saved to your device
You can view Saved promotions when you are offline.